The internet in 2020; The growth and challenges so far.

5G network

The primary global tool for connectivity in the world has experienced tremendous growth since its invention in the year 1983.

It has grown from the old strenous task requiring experts to use, into something far more simple and easy to use by just anybody. The growth of the Internet has been constant with about 100% growth innovations year in, year out. It is worthy of note to mention that although this growth has been steady, it has come at a great cost and sacrifice as well.

The Earth currently has about 59% of its inhabitants using the internet and the fivure keeps rising everyday as it conects more people all over the world. Internet has grown into what must be accessed from a specific location to something everyone can carry in their pockets and access at any time of the day to gain access to thousands of features it has to offer.

The internet has promoted connections across continents so much that it has prompted scholars to create a course to study the intriguing features of the internet.

Introduction of the internet into our daily life has brought about a wind of change propelled by the advantages of using the internet. Below is a list of advantages that have promoted the growth of the internet.

Archive of information:
There is information on everything and anything you might need to know about on the internet today, a simple search would give you over 2,000 possible results which contains a detailed information on yojr preferred topic. With the introduction of this feature, students no longer have to gonto libraries to study as all the data and information they will ever need is just a few clicks away.
Global connectivity tool:  
Two or more people can be on opposite ends of the earth and still communicate real time with the innovation of the internet. Through oprions like chat, video calls, voice calls all possible through the creativity of the internet, people have been able to connect with people they might have never met in real life. It is safe to say the internet serves as a bridge that link and connets users with whatever they might want to do in real time.
Useful for seeking information:
As said earlier, the internet is a whole archive of various information and can provide answers to all questions asked.
It has proven to be useful in helping people solve basic tasks by providing information and necessary data to users.
Creation of E-commerce platforms: Through the innovation of the internet, shoppers need not leave their homes to get products as they can go online and place orders for whatever they might need. In China and USA, it was gathered that over half of internet users have one time lrdered items online or continue to do so regularly which helps vendors and customers save time. All they need to do is to place an order, pay and expect delivery to be made.

Ease of banking process:  
A lot of banks and financial institutions now use self service options available on their apps. This was made possible by the presence of the internet. Customers can perform tasks such as check balance, initiate a transfer and also receive money all thanks to the internet as such transaction is called Electronic banking which owes its possible creation to the internet.

Innovation that eases work: Having bots that can send millions of messages in less than 5 minutes and being able to attend interviews and hold business meetings on sites like zoom or Facebook were made possible by the creation and innovation of the internet.
Endless entertainment:
The internet is filled with entertaining content in form of music, poetry, games and so on. All these make the use of the internet fun and less boring as you can have multiple entertainment at your fingertips.
Acts as storage medium:
Cloud storage has made it possible for large forms of data to be stored on the internet and it can be accessed at any time of the day. This provides ease of sharing information as they can be accessed with an authorized link in a matter of seconds.
Virtual office:
No doubt, a lot of people will be working from home and some have always worked from home before the advent of Corona Virus. Meetings can be held via skype, zoom or other video conferencing applications without having to worry asnthe internet has you covered.
Although the advantages are numerous, the challenges are also of utmost importance as they contribute the fear factor amongst internet users. Some of the challenges are listed below.
Hacking: This is the most common problem in the 21st century as hackers have now taken it upon themselves to reap where they do not sow and to also take advantage of slip ups to steal data. A lot of hackers have gained unlawful access into most secured places like NASA and other agencies as well. This problem can however be curbed with the installation of firewalls that will prevent hackers from gaining access into people’s accounts.
High cost of data: The number of people using the internet who have complained about the rising cost of data keeps getting bigger, especially in Africa where it costs a lot to subscribe and use the internet. If this is not reviewed, there will be setbacks as people cannot afford to subscribe at exorbitant prices.
Cases of stolen identity and fraud: in US alone, there are cases of over 100 stolen identities all week in different counties which is used to perpetrate fraud. This as a result o identity theft crooks who use people’s identities and credit card details to purchase services and goods.
Viruses: With various sites loaded with clickbaits and invisible phishing links, surfing the net has come with great risks as much as it has great advantages as well. Users have to look out for phony names and links to prevent giving access to crooks lying in wait to steal their information.
Global internet reach will grow into great numbers in coming years and more technological advancements will be added to it as features, we only hope that they come quick and all challenges are sorted out to make the use of internet safe, secure and entertaining.

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