Influential People Who Have Associated With Husspuppi In The Past

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The news about celebrity social media influencer Hushpuppi’s arrest in dubai alongside other internet fraudsters who have been on the radar of the Dubai police and the FBI broke the air as various news platforms picked the news and it trended for days on end.

Hushpuppi was arrested in the United Arab Emirate on June 10 2020, for multiple fraud charges months after several other Nigerians, including Obinwanne Okeke and Ismaila Mompha, were arrested in August and October 2019, respectively, for their alleged roles in separate multinational fraud. The Dubai police officially released a video on Thursday, detailing how his arrest was effected and the shocking facts sorrounding his arrest.

It was revealed in the video that Hushpuppy alongside others had defrauded millions of victims of about N168 billion most of which where gotten through cloning multinational websites and redirecting payments to phony accounts all in the bid to defraud unsuspecting victims. It is estimated that Hushpuppy and his gang allegedly defrauded about 2 million people. The designer celebrity has in past times been spotted with really influential people which includes:

1. Atiku Abubakar

During the presidential election race between Muhammadu Bujwri and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar who eventually lost to the former, Hushpuppi was sighted with Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and was quoted to have said on his social media handle that “If I have to pick among the two old people who are our prime options (Buhari and Atiku) please pick ATIKU, don’t say he chops our money before at least we or our parents didn’t commit sui*cide or turn internet beggars, we didn’t have to steal pants and endanger the lives of our women to survive, our economy was not in a standstill, our graduates didn’t have to go and explain what 5k can do in their life under giveaway posts on the internet.

Please do what is right young and old people out there. Nigeria doesn’t need prayer, it needs right decisions.” this statement could not be seen as short of an endorsement of Atiku and a picture of the duo was posted online showing Atiku and Ramon Hushpuppi posing for a shot. It is believed that this was Hushpuppi’s little way of canvassing for support for Atiku but the former vice president of Nigeria has kept mum and will probably not say a word about Hushpuppi’s arrest to protect his political reputation.

2. Davido

DMW star, Davido was seen partying with Ramon Hushpuppi at hus brother, Adewale adeleke’s wedding. They were seen partying hard amidst spraying foreign currencies and being hailed by onlookers and guests. The duo have been reported to share a friendship bond and have also been seen hanging out in clubs and exchanging pleasantries at social events. The Omo baba olowo has kept mum over the recent happenings and we hope he will say something soon.

3. Lasisi Elenu

instagram comedian, Lasisi Ẹlẹ́nu has also been photographed with Ramon Hushpuppi. They were aeen sitting together and having a conversation in a palatial mansion. It is safe to say that was not the last or first time they’ve seen each other as they were cool and had a smooth rapport all through the time they were together. Lasisi has however kept mute regarding the issue sorrounding that celebrity’s arrest in Dubai or if they were friends at all.

4. Daddy Freeze

The Ace broadcaster has been spotted wining and dining with the embattled Hushpuppi when all was still rosy. In another documentary that began trending in the wake of Hushpuppi’s recent arrest, Daddy Freeze is seen mocking Nigerian youths whoaccuse Hushpuppi of fraud.

In the documentary which is almost anhour-long, Daddy Freeze, accompanied by his wife, to Hushpuppy’shouse to wine and dine with him described Hush with glowingwords like his hypeman knowing fully well about the rumorssorrounding Hushpuppi’s questionable lifestyle.

In the shareddocumentary, Daddy Freeze was heard saying “Hushpuppi’s driverearns N700,000 month while you that abuses him on social mediaare doing houseboy work and earn N35,000 a month, Instead of youto beg Hushpuppi to hire your father as a driver,” Daddy Freeze saidbetween a mouthful of food served at Hushpuppy’s mansion.

Thisstatement irked Nigerian youths as it ridicules their honest efforts atmaking a decent living through legal means. In his defense, Freeze said had he know that Hushpuppi was a criminal, he wouldn’t havehung out with him not to mention make a video of it.

Daddy Freezesaid, “While we were driving, he got calls from Gucci, he got callsfrom Versace, and he got calls from LV all wanting to host him. Heclaimed he was an influencer. While I was there, there was nothingsuspicious”.

Daddy freeze further said “He didn’t receive calls fromhackers. I didn’t meet him at a crime scene. I met him at theBurberry VIP Lounge that was open to exclusive members and hishouse. The interview was shot in those places” but social mediausers will have none of it and have called him names and also callhim a two-faced glutton.

5. Wizkid

Wizzy as he is fondly called by fans was also spotted sharing a drink with Hushpuppi on a yatch in Dubai. Wizzy was dressed in designer wears as always while Hush rocked Balenciaga all through.

6. Dino Melaye

Senator Dino Melaye was spotted sharing a picture with Hushpuppi sometime ago but has since come out to deny having knowledge of his source of income. The politician was all smiles as he posed for a picture with the regular gucci customer who was garbed in designer wears all through. Immediately the news broke out, Dino denied having any dealings with Hushpuppi and also distanced himself from any possible speculation that might arise from people’s interpretation of the picture.

7. Benjamin Mendy

Manchester United star player, Benjamin Mendy was also seen with Hushpuppi in a designer store believed to be Gucci. The duo were seen taking pictures together as they posed in their expensive clothes with a designer bag on the table.

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