Benefits And Value Of Arts In Modern Day World

Arts and Culture

It is said that art is as old as man itself. Art comes in different forms and it has no uniform definition that can be attributed to it as it implies to each individual differently. Some see it as a creation while some see it as an invention and others see it as a way of life or a cultural heritage but in every definition there is a common factor which is creativity and originality. In all forms that art takes, it creates and soothes people who appreciate and enjoy it. Some form of art is enjoyed for it Aesthetics while some are enjoyed for the value and cultural heritage they preserve over the years.

Art can best be described in three ways:

a. Art as an industry: This covers areas in which it is treated as a form of exchange and source of income.

b. Art as a form of healing: This covers areas regarding health and well-being. An example of this is calligraphy and yoga.

c. Art as a way of life: This covers the day to day living of human life. It entails our cultures and traditions and way of life. It consists of laws, dressing, ceremonies, etc.

Art entails creativity and a deep understanding of its features for it to be appreciated. This creativity manifests in various forms as Art consist of Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Literature, Music, Performing, and Film. However way you chose to approach art, originality should be kept in mind and uniqueness as each art piece tells a story of its roots.

Art is practiced and used in different forms which includes: Painting, Poetry, Folklore, Dance, Music, Carvings, Weaving etc. All of which tells a story of the artist, his imagination, the message he hopes to communicate and his roots.

In modern day world, Art has taken a new trend as innovations have set in. There were days when people had to pose for hours to have their portraits taken, with the advent of photography which is another form of art brought about by innovation, you can have your pictures taken and printed in a matter of minutes. Art in modern day has help make life easier with innovations like 3D architectural drawings created using a computer, something that would have taken months to complete takes few minutes to get achieved. Art has brought ease to man and has made it easy for people to have knowledge of our cultures and traditions all over the globe. The value of art cannot be measured or quantified. Some of the benefits of art in modern day society includes:

Connecting people across all races. Art transcends one location and keeps moving from one place to the other spreading its wings and as it gets introduced in various locations, it is accepted and helps to promote togetherness and unity in diversity.

Preserving cultural heritage: passing down our traditions and way of life from ome generation to coming generations is one of the benefits modernized art. Cultural dances and music can now be recorded and kept in archives for thousands of years to come to prevent the tradition from being eroded.

Source of income: through the sale of art inspired products, some people have carved a niche for themselves as vendors and sellers. An example of this is the Nike Art gallery situated in Lagos Island.

• Art as a career: Artists and their work have gained prominence amongst people with the advent ofnthe new age. A lot of people now engage in art as a career and create masterpieces which gets global recognition.

Medium of foreign exchange: Buying amd selling of products of art brings in a lot of revenue with just one painting or carving costing millions at international auctions, we can say that art has evolved into a huge industry.

Therapy: some forms of art like poetry and music is used in therapy sessions as they have been found to be therapeutic and soothing as well.

The scope of art is wide and whatever your need might be, Art definitely has something to satisfy and wet your appetite.

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