5 Abandoned Mansions In France

Abandoned Mansions In France

All over the world, abandoned mansions, manor, monasteries litter the old countryside without anyone laying claims to them. Some of these buildings are absolutely fascinating although they have been aged by nature and sell for ridiculous prices just to get people to live in them. Here is a list of abandoned buildings in France that you might find interest in.

1. Domaine des trois colonnes

The domaine des 3 colonnes nearby Angervilliers is quite scary and it is a place you don’t want to be alone or at night or both! You might wonder why the sudden fear and mystery sorrounding a ln old mansion that is made of brick and wood.

Here is why; between those old cracked walls happened tragic events and bloody facts that will send chills down your spine. The first horror took place in 1875 when the couple, Monsieur and Madame Tupin that were living in the farm of the domain, were found murdered in the night of the 7/8 of January, hanging each other hands.

The next ones are the Weisweiller, from jew origins. When the nazis soldiers arrived in 1940, the couple lived a tragedy. The husband killed himself and his wife was brought to the concentration camp from where she never came back. The last owner didn’t have any heir and since he died in 2008, the domain became what it is now, abandoned due to fears that the building might have been cursed.

No one has since shown interest in the mansion and it will probably remain empty until ruins take the better part of its beauty away.

2. The Sanatorium Delirium

This name is already telling you enough about this place, right? The Sanatorium Delirium is, as a matter of fact, an asylum cum mental home built in 1899 to welcome soldiers affected by mental diseases and extreme PTSD as a result of combat or mental fatigue.

It It’s as only a short while before a section for women was quickly added to the building to accommodate the growing numbers of insane patients they had. The walls of the building itself reeked of screams and insanity.

During the WWI, the place served as a military hospital where wounded soldiers were treated and rehabilitated. In the year 1928, the sanatorium was extended with a second pavilion to house medical staff and to provide accommodation and general services such as a dining room, a kitchen and common room, a library and so many other amenities.

In the year 1965, the place became an elderly people center where old people used it as a retirement home where they can be cared for until it got completely abandoned in 1997 and left for peril and termites to devour.

It is currently overun with weed and a house to wandering animals but hopefully, it can be restored as a national monument to serve as a reminder to the people of the nation’s history.

3. The church of Saint-Etienne-le Vieux

The church of Saint-Etienne-Le -Vieux is a nice place to visit, the place looks terrific and you can see the pure architectural creativity used in constructing the edifice.

Built in the 10th century nearby Caen, the church is mentioned the first time in official papers given by Guillaume le Conquérant to the 2 abbayes.

This church is a martyr that was destroyed in part during the 100 years war. It withstood destruction yey still stood firm on its foundation.

It was then rebuilt after the invasion of 1417 to its former glory but following the revolution in 1793, it got abandoned and fell into ruin due to lack of maintenance.

In the middle of the 19th century, the church was saved from destruction but was subject to plenty of damages during the 2 world wars.

It is safe to say the building and wars have taken a liking to each other. As of today, the walls are still standing although it looks old, dilapidated and probably waiting for another war to fall off.

4. The castle of Lamare

The castle of Lamare looks more stunning with the sunshine and raimfall and sunsets too. Everything is exactly as it was left by its last owners as they escaped without looking back 9 years ago.

In 2010, the mansion was bought by a Parisian family that wished to live their life in a calm place in the countryside away from all the noise and bustles of an average city. It is on record that they were the set of families on a long list of owners to have lived there.

All previous owners have had to escape after a short time or abandoned the place due to reports of paranormal activities going on in the mansion. It gets so terrifying that none of the owners leave with their properties or attempt to sell the house before leaving in haste.

The new owners were not an exception as they had to run away after having seeing ghosts and experiencing really weird happenings in the house. Some have speculated that the ghosts and disturbances happening in the house is as a result of past events that have now been washed away by history. Although empty, the house still stands tall and magnificent in its beauteous glory.

5. Château de Grandval

One of the few castles on this list that did not meet its end during the French Revolution, the Château de Grandval made it all the way to World War II, during which time it was used as a hiding place for factions of the French resistance and can be classified as more of an hideout than an actual home although it housed fighters for years.

Destroyed by Nazi forces when the hideout was found, the château has been in ruins ever since. By law, it is a restricted area that is protected by laws that does not allow people to gain access into the place due to its reverence and its historical importance. Irrespective of who you are, you’re not allowed to visit without prior permission so as to keep the place intact and its historical values untouched or altered.

However, the rule and punishment given to thoe who cross the line has not stopped the more adventurous and dare devil explorers who lov to take risks or break the law although it might be difficult to access depending on the season because there is constant issue of frequent flooding in the area during winters and rainy seasons. If you don’t want to break the law but still want to enjoy a close up view of the building, you can legally enjoy a picnic on the shores next to the château.

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