Wildlife Conservation

Simply put, wildlife conservation is the protection of wild animals, species and their natural habitat from the interference of any sort so as to protect them from going extinct and to retain the natural state of things as they are.

All over the world, the call for wildlife conservation continues to grow louder h different bodies rising up to protect the natural order of things. Different funds have been set up to prevent the indiscriminate pollution and use of these wildlife resources in a bad way that can harm their population and eventually destroy the nature with which they exist.

Wildlife conservation differs in various ways with different types of wildlife conservation efforts.

Types Of Wildlife conservation

Marine conservation: This deals mainly with aquatic life, animals and the organisms within it. Its main aim is to keep the ocean and bodies of water free from pollutants and any other factor that might destroy it. There exist various marine conservation agencies that keep the ocean clean, try to preserve the natural habitat and also save near-extinct species from being wiped out from the ocean.
Human conservation: As funny as this sounds, there exists agencies whose aim is to preserve humans and their cultures to prevent them from going extinct. A lot of tribes and languages in the world that once thrived have now become almost desolate due to one reason or the other. The duty of human conservationists is to prevent such from happening and if possible, to restore tribes that have gone extinct or about to.
Environmental conservation: environmental conservation involves protecting the environment from pollutants, maintaining the natural order of things and providing repairs to affected parts of our environment. For instance, they tend to serve as watchdogs to prevent against indiscriminate felling of trees and various activities that hurt planet earth by acting as a voice and a force to prevent such from happening.
Animal conservation: This is the protection of animals from extinction by setting up laws and guidelines to prevent excessive hunting or poaching of such animals for selfish reasons. There are some animals that are on the protection list of every country and some of them are elephants, Rhinoceros, species of endangered birds and reptiles. It is a chargeable offense for anyone who dares to hunt or poach these animals because it is protected by world wildlife protection laws.
Conserving and maintaining wildlife has quite a number of benefits which include:
Food security: Preserving the natural order of forests, animals and oceans ensures a continuous supply of food from these sources. The forest continues to provide games, oceans provide seafood and this keeps the world going in as much as it is done in moderation.
Continuity: Wildlife going extinct means the world going extinct too as man cannot survive without wildlife. The trees provide us with oxygen and take our carbon emissions, the ocean gives us fishes to feed on and the environment provides us with a beautiful scenery to gaze at for our pleasure. Wildlife was made for us to thrive and as a blessing. Its continuous existence is beneficial and crucial to our existence as well.
Public health: The presence of medicinal trees and shrubs serve as the source of medication for humans. Deforestation will rob us of such blessing because those trees are useful to keep the world going. The oxygen the trees provide gives us oxygen without which we cannot survive.
Tourism: A lot of wildlife parks host tourists who come to view the various animals and wildlife in its purest form. An example of this is the yankari game reserve in African that provides shelter and protection for animals and their natural habitat alike.
Aesthetic benefits: The breathtaking view nature provides and the entertainment we experience cannot be measured through the conservation of the natural state of our environment. Africa is well known for its lush green forests and various games that makes it a top destination spot, thereby bringing in economic value to the country and continent.
Preservation of cultural heritage: Through conservation, tribes, tradition and ways of life have been preserved and kept from going extinct through various measures aimed at reviving dying cultures and Preserving existing ones.
Protection of endangered species: There are quite a number of endangered species that are still existing, thanks to wildlife conservation. The hunt and poaching of rhinos for their horns made them nearly extinct and had it been not checked, they would have faded out of existence, only to be remembered through history notes. Wildlife conservation played a very important role in keeping them alive and protecting them from poachers who kill them for money and self gratification.
Creation of jobs: Through conservation, a lot of people have earned income and made a career out of it, an example of this is Greta thumberg who recently became popular through her efforts at keeping the environment clean and lending her voice to bring environmental offenders to book.
Problems Facing Wildlife Conservation.
Urbanization: Development of new areas and the advent of technology and construction threatens the natural order of things as not many people leave nature untouched when building or constructing.
Cultural practices: Some tribal and cultural practices do not promote wildlife conservation as some of them harm wildlife and tends to destroy its natural state. An example of this is Fishing festivals where a lot of fishes are killed and pollutants like poisoned arrows are brought in hunt large games. This is seen as normal practice as government officials hardly bat an eyelid over this occurrence. An example of this is the yearly argungun fishing festival.
Indiscriminate felling of trees
Excessive hunting of games
Loss of natural habitats through evolution.
Population growth
Natural disaster
How to assist and promote wildlife conservation
Donate to help the cause
Speak up against unhealthy environmental practices.
Be responsible.
Protect mother nature.
Preserve nature.

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