Assisted suicide

The challenges of the world is frustrating enough. Hunger, sickness, war, crime and corruption have ravaged the world over with only a few people having it all, without living with any problems that might make them consider taking the easy way out by doing the unthinkable; Suicide.

Suicide rates have gone up, especially with the fact that some countries have legalized physician assisted suicide for people in certain conditions that might call for it and also penalize some individuals who find pleasure or offer sympathy by assisting someone to end their life by either encouraging them or providing the means to do this despicable act that is frowned upon by the society. This type of suicide is what we refer to as assisted suicide.

Assisted suicide is in two ways, physician assisted suicide and acquaintance assisted suicide. Physician assisted suicide: Medically, assisted suicide or Physician assisted euthanasia is allowed by some countries like America and Canada to help patients who might be going through a slow painful death. The aim is to help the patient die fast rather than endure pain and suffering as they slowly breathe their last. Some of these patients are those suffering from the last stage of cancer and other serious ailments. The pains that accompany some terminal disease and ailments are very painful and nerve-wracking so much that a patient will desire instant death so as to be at peace. A patient going through a last stage lung cancer or any other form of cancer will not have it easy as the pain and feeling is unspeakable. Some prefer to end it before the disease does further damage to their body. However, doctors don’t just go around asking patients if they want to die, before medical euthanasia (Physician assisted suicide) can be done, a patient needs to request it over and over and it must be clear that the patient is not asking for it due to insanity or under pressure from anyone after which the doctor decides if the assisted suicide is needed or not. An example of this is the case of Portland, Oregon couple, Charlie and Francis Emrick who committed Physician assisted suicide under the newly passed Oregon death with dignity act which aims to medically provide support and provide medical means of committing suicide for people who might desire to do so. The old couple were both suffering from terminal illness in their old age with Charlie being 87 and Francis being 85. The couple decided to take the journey together and even had it documented to enlighten people and give them a sneak peek into how it was done right from when they made the decision to when they carried it out. They both took the medication at the same time but Francis went first after which Charlie followed an hour later. Statistics from the ODWDA shows that quite a number of people take this route yearly since it is medically approved by the state and what the statistics also shows is that not everyone who takes the medication go through with it. Some change their minds and decide to let nature take its course.

Acquaintance assisted suicide: This is another form of assisted suicide. It involves aiding someone’s suicide either through motivation or provision of suicide inducing items or both to a suicidal person. This is classified as a criminal offense as it is unauthorized and in most cases, the perpetrators are crazy people who just want to see someone die. Over the years, there have been several reports of people aiding suicide of friends, colleagues and even partners by encouraging them to end their lives so as to get peace. Most remarkable of these assisted suicidal happenings is the story of late Conrad Roy and his girlfriend, Michelle Carter who encouraged him to commit suicide via text messages. It was reported that both partners suffered from mental issues and have both been to various mental health physicians but Conrad has always wanted to commit suicide but seems to be too chicken to do it. The motivation and eventual order from Michelle via text made him go through with it by sitting in his carbon monoxide filled truck till he died from carbon monoxide poisoning. As punishment for this crime, Michelle, then 17 years of age was convicted as a young adult and sentenced to 2 years in jail after which it was reduced to 15 months with 5 years probation. This goes to show that some people who crave suicide and death might actually survive or chicken out if they don’t have people to push them to go ahead with it.

Assisted suicide is beginning to become a trend as more states look to legalize the Physician assisted aspect of it so as to provide an easy way out for suffering patients and individuals.

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