Rape is one of the many ills of our society that has caused irreparable damage to victims due to the inhumanity of perpetrators. Out of the many types of rape, Acquaintance rape is the most common. Acquaintance rape is a type of rape perpetrated by someone who knows or is well acquainted with the victim. In most cases, it is a very close relative, partner, colleague, friend or a mutual member of a social circle.

There are various ways which rapists use in taking advantage of victims, some resort to manipulation, coercion while some just force their way through. This dastardly act is committed using different methods and can be classified into different categories depending on how it happened. Below are the different methods used by rapists and their classification.

Date rape: This type of rape is occurs when a victim is drugged by someone he/she is on a date with or have their drinks spiked with alcohol or any foreign substance to make them lose consciousness in the bid to have carnal knowledge of the victim.
Marital rape: This occurs between couples who are married. Although they are married, a partner who forces his/her spouse to have sex without consent can get charged with marital rape for forcefully having sex with an unwilling partner.
Intra-family rape: occurs when a member of a victims family rapes the victim using the opportunity of the family ties. It is usually a parent, distant relative or a sibling and it is one of the most common type of Acquaintance Rape.
Prison rape: As the name implies, this type of rape happens in prisons or correctional facilities with co inmates or prison warders being the rapist. It is estimated that 4 in 10 inmates in correctional facilities get sexually abused, leading to suicides and infection prevalence amongst inmates.
Gang rape: This a crime committed by multiple rapists at a time. It involves more than just one person who forcefully rape and sexually assault a victim. Countries like India, Mexico and Libya are some of the names on the list of countries with high rate of gang rape reports.
Child rape: This is a sexual assault involving a minor and people who engage in such are called pedophiles.
Migrant rape: A lot of migrants who emigrate into some parts in Europe, libya, Egypt and the sahara desert have been reported to undergo some forms of rape or sexual assault. The numbers keep rising as some are sold into slavery and prostitution after leaving home inn search of greener pastures.
Rape in general is a traumatizing experience which leaves the victims with lasting memories of the abuse. Apart from it being one of the leading causes of suicide, it also have the following effects on victims.
Guilt: The victim feels responsible for the abuse and start beating themselves up about it. Most blame themselves for not doing more to resist the rapist while some suddenly develop self hate and feel disgusted by their own self.
Shame: In Africa and Arab countries, it is widely believed that rape is a thing to be ashamed of and this make the victims feel inferior, shamed and dishonored by the act. In ancient African culture, it is believed that a woman who gets raped carries bad luck and most rape victims are ostracized and casted out of their father’s house or husband’s house to live alone as being seen with the victims is a thing of shame to people.
Depression: A lot of rape victims say that they feel depressed and low whenever they remember the experience. Some suddenly develop low self esteem and feel somewhat bad about the incident.
Suicide: As said earlier, Rape is one of the leading reasons for suicide rates especially among young adults who live in conservative communities. The shame and guilt leave the feeling suicidal and those who cannot take it anymore take the easy way out.
PTSD: Post traumatic stress disorder is a mental disorder that is caused by experiencing a stressful or non pleasurable event that leaves one scarred mentally and emotionally. Although there are therapists and psychologists otherwise known as shrinks who help victims regain their confidence and feel a bit relieved, just a few number of people ever get back from that bridge.
Emotional numbness: victims have been reported to be emotionally blank, incapable of love or have empathy as they are yet to snap out of the traumatic experience they went through in the hands of the rapist. This in turn affect their relationships, marriages and family life as they can’t seem to find a way to connect back to their old self.
Fear: Studies show that most rape victims often have the fear of it happening again and as such always have their guard up and suffer anxiety attacks or nervous breakdowns which impacts their life negatively. Some child rape victims who were interviewed said they always have the fear of it happening again to them and as such have panic attacks when faced with triggers that remind them of such experience and in most cases where the parent or a guardian is the abuser, they lived and slept in constant fear of them getting raped again and again without help.
Infections: as most rapists hardly have time to put on condoms, they tend to transmit infections and diseases to the rape victim which includes syphilis and chlamydia or yeast infection. Other more dangerous diseases amd viruses could also be passed down to innocent victim like HIV, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis to mention a few.
Although one might wonder why most victims prefer to keep it quiet. The stigma alone sticks for years to come while some nurse it for a lifetime. Some Police officers have been known to exploit women and take advantage of them, filing a report with the same perpetrators is a bit hard and complex and might take a miracle to agree with the fact that not all law enforcement workers are out to hurt people. .

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