Time to reinvent yourself

Self-Reinvention is both a process and a journey many undertake but some still see it as a journey for those who have either lost their minds or have mental issues.

Recreating yourself can be likened to a rebirth as you bring out a part of you that people might not have thought to exist. It is a new person being brought forth out of your old self to do new things and take new steps. The beauty in this is the ability to create a new entity out of the old one while still retaining something unique to identify yourself with. It might be a change of name, interests, vocation, career, relationship or even marriage. In whatever area self reinvention happens, the person creates a whole new vibe to take the place of the old personality.

Experts consider Self reinvention as a beautiful journey that helps you to see yourself in a new light and bring out the best in you. In the process of self reinvention, you go on a full scale self discovery as you have to discover yourself fully before you can make changes. Although some warn against Identity crisis happening while rediscovering yourself, it hardly happens and when it does, it is as a result of a misstep. Here are a few pointers to help you know how to reinvent yourself and create a new you.

▪ Create a mental picture of yourself and view it from a third eye to the see what it looks like. You cannot recreate something without having a picture of it in mind. You have to have your desired result in mind first before you can attempt to reinvent yourself and to also look at it with a third eye to see if its a good fit for your personality so as to avoid identity crisis.

▪ Have a changed mindset and positive perspective about yourself. Keeping a negative vibe and thoughts will not help your journey towards self reinvention as you will always consider the cons which will in turn make fear, insecurity and low self esteem creep in. You need to keep a positive mindset and carry the mind of a winner if you are to succeed.

▪ Set goals and keep to it daily. Have definite goals and draw a map to fulfill it. Setting out without having a goal in view will leave you with no result as you will have no heading and whatever you do will be a wasted effort. A goal is more like a guideline towards your desired result and having one will not only help you keep up with your dream, it will also help you know your progress so far.

▪ Reassure yourself and improve on your self esteem and self confidence. Always have it at the back of your mind that no one will push you as hard as you can push yourself. You are your number one cheerleader and if you do not push hard and encourage yourself to do more, you will quit halfway and kiss your self-reinvention journey goodbye. A lot of dead-end, mistakes and down time will make you feel down and discouraged but you have to believe in yourself and believe that you can do whatever you put your mind to. No one will believe in a vision you are not willing to sell, same way no one will believe in a goal you are not confident about. Believe, reassure yourself and keep working hard at it without quitting or feeling like you can never become whosoever you want to be.

▪ Be consistent. If you need to be anything in life, consistency has to be your mantra. Consistency helps you grow more into your desired person/personality as the more you keep working towards your goal, the closer you get to achieving it. Being a totally new person is not a part time gig or a part time adventure you can abandon midway and come back to later. If you stop, you will have to start all over which on its own can be discouraging. Never give up, never stop, keep pushing till you see the desired result.

▪ Identify and understand your strengths and weaknesses and use them to your advantage while creating a new you. You might be a meek and feeble minded person who wants to transform into a powerhouse and someone who is bold and daring, you have to deal with your demons, work on your weaknesses and modify your strengths to give you the necessary push to achieve your goal. In this case, you need to get hard so turning your fears into motivations is your best bet.

▪ Understand that risk is all part of the change process and Innovation exercise. Taking risk is something you will have to deal with at some points in your journey towards Self-Reinvention as you will have to make great changes you cannot undo after taking the step, you will take some steps you cannot pull back from and you will have to stand by those decisions if you want to achieve your goal for the next phase of your life. Life on its own is a risk and day-to-day living is a risk as well but you have to sit down and consider all risks that may arise if you are willing to take it and also be willing to live with the results that might arise from your decision. The patriarch of the Kardashian family took a major risk in his self reinvention journey by altering his gender and he had to live with the end result although it turned out to be more than what he bargained for. Whatever risk you intend to take, ensure it is worth it and it is something you can live with.

▪ Learn and unlearn where necessary. There are some old beliefs you might have to cast off and some new lessons you might have to learn if you are to reinvent yourself. Part of the main key point of reinventing yourself is to have an open mind as it will help you absorb new things and also cast away old knowledge that might hinder your growth and progress in the pursuit of your Self-Reinvention goals. There are some people with archaic mindsets filled with myths that has prevented them from achieving their goals, going on a journey of self reinvention will require them to drop the old beliefs and catch up with the tides of time. Be willing to learn new things and don’t hesitate to cast away things that might hold you back.


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