6 Books You Should Read Before 40

Books you should read

Over the years, books have served as the go-to tool whenever we need information and knowledge to enlighten us, and help broaden our view. Some of these books entertain us but the purpose of most of the books is to educate us on past history or open our eyes to happenings in the society. It helps to further empower us h knowledge and information that cannbe passed down from generations to generations. Through books, scholars have been equipped with the right tool to provide answers to daily problems of humans through extensive research and writing of thesis. Needless to say, books ar one of man’s greatest source of life as imparting knowledge can also be classified as imparting life into am individual.

As humans grow older, there are some informations we need to have in our coffers to be able to navigate smoothly through various issues life might throw at us, not just that, we also need to have a deep understanding of the history, present and in some rare cases, future predictions by enigmas and professionals who have in one time or the other graced and blessed the earth with their bountiful wealth of knowledge. Life they say, begins at 40 but without having the right information before that age will mean a wasted youth. Here are a list of must read books for you before you clock the age of 40. Enjoy.

A brief history of time from the big bang: Stephen Hawking, great scientist and author definitely showed the world why he is ome of earths treasures through this book. It covers everything from blwck holes to the big bang theory and all explanations were done in lay man terms so as to help just about anyone to understand the book with or without background knowledge in physics or study of the universe. The book was written and explained in easy to understand terms and a creative style of writing that makes it so enjoyable to read and reretain. The masterpiece explains the universe and its origin, development and what it might eventually become. The book was published in 1988 by Bantam Dell Publishing group.
To kill a mockingbird: written by Harper Lee, the story centers on a lawyer who is defending a black man who is being accused of raping a white woman. What makes this book spectacular is the way story was written and the plot, hovering racist America and the bias against the black race struggling with the stereotype that if a black person is acccused of a crime, He/She is guilty until proven otherwise. To kill a mockingbird will make you understand how hard it was to live as a black individual in a predominantly whute environment and how bad racism has eaten deep into the American system and society.
Frankenstein:  a mix of science and horror gave birth to a monster with insatiable thirst for revenge. This book is a result of a contest held between would-be couple. The story centers on a scientist who in his bid to create a living person of his design went into cemetery to dig graves, exhume corpes and cut out needed parts for his work. He would rob corpses of their body parts in order to create his masterpiece, a human. His work soon payed off as he was able to bring it to life using electricity to jolt it awake. However, the result was not something he was prepared for as the creature appeared to be unsightly and hard to look at due to his unflattering appearance. This made the creator dump and reject his creation. The rejection brought about anger and pain in the creature who vowed to end his creator and all he holds dear.

the story was influenced by myths of promtheus and Milton’s paradise lost. The book stands out as the landmark for works of horror ever written and can best be classified as a work of art. The book Frankenstein shows man’s lust and desires can sometimes create undesirable results and unwanted pain which will end uo bringing grave consequences. Published by penguin books Ltd and written by Author, Mary Shelby, Frankenstein will not be forgotten by generations to come.

•Lolita: Author, Vladimir Nabokov as at the time of writing this piece of brilliant mastery, was banned from entering the UK. The story centers on a man named Humbert Humbert who married a widow for the sole aim of gaining unfettered access to her 12 yea old daughter named Lolita or otherwise known as Lo, who he had sexual feelings for. The main character, Humbert described Lolita as the light of his his life amd the fire in his loins. This book brings to fore the spate of sexual exploitation of children by hebephiles and pedophiles who desire children in compromising positions to adults.


•Americanah:  a beautiful novel by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a Nigerian born author who has penned quite a number of award winning pieces. The book shed more light on the struggles of a woman who leaves her home country in search of greener pastures in the United States of America. It tells of the travails, sufferings and challenges faced by immigrants in the US. If you need first hand feel of what is like to be a foreigner/immigrant in the US, this book is definitely a must read for you.


•Beloved: Toni Morrison definitely did magic with this one. The book can be likened to a revelation that best describes the horror of the slave trade engaged in by Europeans, selling africans as though they were commodities and the deaths of over 60 million africans and their descendants, thanks to slavery. The highlight of the novel is when a mothe kills her own daughter so as to save her from the horrors and nightmares of slavery that she might get taken into. The award winning book got world recognition as it tells the tales of Africans and the cost of millions of souls lost in the quest of slave traders to pillage Africa and ‘harvest’ humans for work in plantations across Europe as though they are plants themselves. The book reminds Africans not to forget their roots and how their freedom was taken away and handed into the hands of slave traders. If you desire to read about Africa and slavery, this is your best bet.


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